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My name is Riki Tyminski, and I am 31 years old. I was born and raised in SoCal but I now reside on Long Island, New York.

I started crossfit back in 2012 which lead me to Olympic lifting. Happy in the sport, I was eager to compete in another sport- Powerlifting. Met my PL coach through my WL teammate (her boyfriend).

My fondest memory in training is probably the fun times actually training with my team. I typically train alone at my gym until my team has a camp that I have to travel for. It’s just so much more enjoyable training with your team. In competition, my most memorable moment was medaling in the snatch at my very first National meet. Everyone, including myself, was in disbelief.
I have four beautiful young nieces and they all look up to me. Nina Boo (that’s my name to them) is strong and never gives up. With them watching me, I can’t let them down.
The athlete that are already on the team. Its refreshing to actually see ATHLETES on the roster, rather than the typical wannabe fitspo model.

That’s a hard question because I live in New York. I can eat pizza everyday for the rest of my life so I’ll say pepperoni pizza.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Amber (by 311), Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana)

As cliche and Beauty Queen this sounds, world peace.  As cliche and Beauty Queen this sounds, world peace.

 Multiple 1st place finishes all along the East Coast in the 53kg weightclass. My proudest accomplishment however, was making a comeback at USAW Nationals as a 48kg lifter and making all my lifts. The previous year, my ex-coach didn’t show up and I bombed my first USAW Nats meet.
1. Always practice good form, even with the lightest of weights. If you don’t practice technique with the lightweights, it will be difficult to carry over with the heavyweight.
2. There is such a thing as overtraining; rest as hard as you train, your body will thank you.
3. Have patience.