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Name: Mark Anthony
Age: 38

My father was a big influence for me as a child and introduced me to the gym. My father was always training and he was also a track cyclist. He really gave me my competitive edge and showed me what hard work can achieve.

Every minute I get to spend in the gym is like therapy for me.
Feeling my body go through intensity, strain, muscle pumps and crazy focus in my mental game whether if I’m tired or not it’s always euphoric for me.
But my most memorable experience by far was hearing my name called as the First Ever Men’s Physique Olympia Champion in 2013 after winning 5 IFBB Pro contest during the season. Winning the Olympia was something I could have only dreamed of.
I am very self motivated to always improve and better myself as an athlete and a man.
Again these are values my father instilled in me. Leading by example for the younger and new generation coming up.
I’m also very competitive and ready for new challenges.
I was intrigued by Prime Nutrition because of its designed science based essential product line.
Products I believe that are essential for me which I call:
1. Pre-Load (Pre-Training formula)
2. Exp-Load (Intra-Training formula)
3. Re-Load (Post-Training Formula)
Product intelligence like:
Intra Elite
Are just a few on my favorites but most importantly staples my body NEEDS to reach excellence.
My plans are to share my formulas and product combinations to educate athletes from all realms in sport.
How and why to maximize our full potentials.
Also to grow the Prime brand worldwide.
I have a few favorites in the Prime line. But the one that stands out the most is the grape flavored
Tastes incredible during my training, saturates my blood cells and muscle tissue to restore glycogen. It does its jobs very well as I can literally feel the Ferocious pumps and fast recovery. It’s also loaded with nutrients and amino acids. This way I know I’m not losing anything during training and only gaining with these superb ingredients in our products.
My Go-To Cheat meal is ICE CREAM. Living in Las Vegas I’m fortunate to have some of the best ice cream parlors open 24 hours.
I also love to cheat with UNCRUSTABLES.
My top 3 favorite songs (Right Now):
1. Butterfly Effect – Travis Scott
2. Skywalker – Miguel Feat. Travis Scott
3. Rockstar – Post Malone Feat. Savage 21
If I could change anything in the world it would be racism and war.
That crap is lame and it’s time for us to grow up and spread love.
6 Time IFBB Pro Champion
First Ever Olympia Champion
Face of Prime Nutrition
1. Train Hard
2. Train your body & Mind with Love
3. Train intelligently