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Krista Wharton

Kristin Wharton

Name: Kristin Wharton
Age: 26

I got into bodybuilding after moving to a new city for law school and not knowing anyone.  So, I joined a gym and met a few competitors who encouraged me to start training for a show. I was a track and field collegiate athlete, so from a goal-setting standpoint it interested me since I was no longer competing in the NCAA to find a new athletic hobby.

My fondest memory is winning the overall in figure at the Tampa Extravaganza in 2017. I had taken almost a year off from the stage and put on a lot more size, and just everything about that prep went smoothly and I was able to really enjoy that entire experience and then see it all pay off.

I’m motivated by the drive to be the best at what I do, and to always improve and be the best version of myself. I know that what I do is something that few people get to experience, and I’m so thankful that I’ve been able to stay healthy and just do what I love which is train and compete.

I was attracted to the Prime Elite team because I love seeing elite athletes who are passionate about their sports come together and support what we all do and love. Prime is a brand that creates products inspired by athletes but that can help anyone wanting to take their fitness to the next level. I like the no-BS formulas and focus on overall athletic  performance.

I’m looking forward to having the support of my Prime team as I pursue my career in bodybuilding and coaching.

My favorite Prime product is Intra-elite which helps me get through grueling workouts and keep my muscles full.

My go-to cheat meal is sushi! When I’m dieting I love to go out and have the whole restaurant/date night experience, so it’s always something I really look forward to when prep gets really tough.

I’m crazy about keeping my Spotify up to date!! So my favorite songs are always changing, but right now I’m loving Bartier Cardi by Cardi B, The Race by Tay-k, and Trees of the Valley by Night Lovell.

If I could change one thing in the world it would be instilling a sense of self confidence in people, so that not only would the be happier about their self image but also less judgmental, kinder to each other, and just live better lives where they believe in themselves and what they’re capable of.

My proudest moments as as competitor would have to be winning both of my national qualifying shows (class and overall), and then getting first callouts (top 6) at both of my national level shows.

My top 3 training tips would have to be 1) always practice good posture, 2) train to failure at least one set of every single exercise, 3) you will only have a good workout if your mind allows it, practice mental toughness and focus every single time you step into the gym or onto the field.