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My name is Gerald Dionio. I’m 23 years young and I’m originally from Maui, Hawaii, Kihei. I moved to San Diego for the larger amount of educational opportunities and later on for innumerable career opportunities. In addition to education and career opportunities, I also moved here for the number of the high quality Powerlifting Facilities within San Diego.

I started powerlifting when I was 17 years old. My football coach and his son were the ones that got me into it. I’ve always been into individual sports since I was 6 years old: boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, judo, track & field and men’s physique. Also team sports with paddling and football. 

My fondest memory from training would have to be my most recent PR in deadlifts of 700lbs. I’ve been chasing that goal for quite some time and I’m excited to bring that attempt to the platform this weekend at the Reebok Record Breakers meet.

My motivations are the people who influence me like family and friends that were fit and still are. Also, other individuals such as fitness icons that inspire me to be fit. Sports icons (Muhammad Ali “Boxer”, Michael Jordan “basketball player”, Royce Gracie “Brazilian Jiu jitsu” Cael Sanderson “wrestler” and Arnold Schwarzenegger “bodybuilder” etc.

The main thing that attracted me to the Prime Elite team is simple: Quality, purity, intensity, and honesty. That’s exactly what you get with these supplements. With the variety Prime Nutrition has to offer they will surely revolutionize the fitness and supplement industry and I’m happy to be a part of it.

Now that I am a part of the Prime Elite team, my plans are to keep succeeding in my fitness and powerlifting career and to embody the vision of Prime Nutrition by becoming a superior athlete with the help of these superior products.

My favorite Prime Nutrition product is Phytophorm because I don’t eat vegetables as often as I should so I use that as a replacement. Its tastes great and keeps me regular.

I don’t really have a cheat meal. I’m a powerlifter I like to eat anything and everything so I can lift big and stay strong. But my go-to is Hawaiian foods, ramen, and açaí bowls.

My top 3 favorite songs: 1. Push it by OT Genesis, 2. Hail Mary by Tu Pac, 3. Come on by Biggy Smalls

1. Surround yourself with friends with the same interests. 

2. Be consistent and don’t give up. You can reach whatever you want in life.

3. Set small goals everyday and don’t stop until you reach them.

6 Time IFBB Pro Champion
First Ever Olympia Champion
Face of Prime Nutrition
1. Train Hard
2. Train your body & Mind with Love
3. Train intelligently