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Chris Robinson


I am Chris Robinson Garcia, 30 years old, born and raised in San Diego, CA and I am an Electrical Technician.

Training at a local 24 Hour Fitness, I was training with some beginning power lifters. They convinced me to start competing, so I signed up for my first local meet in January 2013, where I competed in the 198-weight class. Having no coach and learning on my own I was able to win my weight class and that’s where I became obsessed.

There have been a few memories from training, and competition that stand out the most. Towards the end of 2017 I was missing a lot of training due to long work hours. Being away from squatting heavy I lost some strength, and motivation. One day I decided not to overthink and just have fun. I ended up squatting an all time best of 675lbs. One of the most memorable things I’ve experienced leading up to competition was the time I cut from 205lbs to 177lbs in 30 hours. It was the most memorable because the cut off weight was 181.7lbs and I had to drive back and forth from the sauna to weigh-ins four times until I finally made weight before the cut off time.
I strive to be better everyday. Seeing other lifters succeed and break world records keeps me pushing. So I make the best of every session whether I’m tired physically or mentally. At the level of lifting I’m at now, I feel like its more mental than anything.
Having Elite athletes on the team, and effective supplements. I knew this was something I wanted to be a part of. In order to be the best you have to surround yourself with the best.
I’m going to do my best every time I hit the powerlifting platform and show how effective your performance products are.
I love the water loss supplement for my rest days and cardio days. I like to hydrate and flush my system when I’m not training. The pineapple flavor is by far one of the best tasting flavors too. My second favorite would have to be the sleep/gh supplement. With my busy schedule working 8-12 hours days 6-7 days a week on top of powerlifting training is draining. It allows me to get great quality sleep and I feel like my recovery has improved.
My go to cheat meal would have to be sushi and Mediterranean food.  
Some of my go to artists for training would be Hatebreed, Madball, or Pantera.
Don’t compare yourself to others, and live your own journey.
Earning a top ten spot in the world as a 181lb raw power lifter
 1. Be your own motivation. Being in this sport you’re not always going to have a training partner with the same schedule as you.  
 2. Train harder than your competition. 
 3. Don’t fear the weight. Once you start doubting yourself you’ve already failed.