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My name is Brian Roberts, I am 25 and live in Miami, FL. I am a personal trainer and online fitness coach.  I have been involved in athletics and fitness since a young age and have always been passionate about helping others.  Once I realized my calling was to combine those two things and help people reach their fitness goals, I consumed my self with learning the necessary information about health/fitness/nutrition and training.  I studied Exercise Science in college and became a Strength and Conditioning specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).   Soon after I became a Master trainer and have been helping people reach their fitness goals ever since.  I have been competing in the Men’s Physique Division through the NPC for the last 3 years and just this past summer I was able to make my dream come true and become an IFBB pro. 

I had been involved with the gym environment and working out from a young age as my Dad was a football coach so I was always around that kind of stuff.  I always enjoyed the aspect of training towards a goal, so after a couple years of really putting it all together as far as training, nutrition and supplementation I decided to enter my first competition.  I knew after seeing some of the IFBB pros that were at the top of the sport at the time that I could eventually get to that level if I continued to work at it and gave myself time to develop. After doing well my first year of competition, I was hooked. 

My fondest memory from training and competition would definitely have to be this past summer.  I started my competition season with winning the overall title at the Florida Grand Prix, two weeks later I won my class at my first national show of the year at Jr. USA’s in Charleston SC. However, I missed getting my pro card when I came down to the overall at this show, which then led me to competing in Chicago at Jr. Nationals and eventually finishing out the summer In Pittsburgh at the North American Championships where I finally earned my pro status.  This was an absolute dream come true and easily my fondest memory thus far. There were highs and lows through it all but what I will never forget that stretch of national shows because it made me work harder than ever before and accomplish things that I can be proud of. 

For me training has always just been a part of my life, its fun for me and is therapy in a way.  The idea of progressing day-by-day, week-by-week is what drives me to keep going and keep improving.  Now, being a professional, it adds a whole other dimension to my training.  I have to go into the gym with the mindset that I will soon be competing against the best of the best and if I’m not willing to give it my all and push to get better then someone else will and it will all show under the lights on that stage.  Therefore, since turning pro my training has never been more intense and never been better, I love it. 

What really attracted me to the Prime Elite Team is the quality of the products and the direction that the company is going.  For me, the ingredients in supplements that I take are very important and the first time I looked over the ingredients panel on the Prime supplements I knew that this was a company that I could stand behind. Not only is everything backed by science but also the flavor system is phenomenal and I would have no problem recommending these products to everyone from the average gym-goer to an elite bodybuilder. 

Now, as a member of the Prime Elite Team, I want to be able to help grow Prime into one of the most well-known and reputable companies in the industry.  I would love to be able to share my knowledge of training, nutrition and supplementation to a large audience.  Providing training videos, writing articles and just producing mass amounts of content for the consumers to be able to learn from and become more interested in Prime Nutrition. 


I am a pre-workout junkie so PWO-Max all the way.  With the perfect combination of Stimulant, pump and focus, PWO-Max is one of the best pre workouts I have tried to date. 


Go-to cheat meal definitely calls for going out to eat but it’s a tough call for me because I am big on having variety.  If I could find a place where I could get Pizza, sushi and pancakes all at one place I would be in heaven.  However, if I had to narrow it down to just one cheat, I am going with the pizza. 

Top 3 favorite songs in no particular order:  ASAP Ferg-Plain Jane, John Legend-All of Me, Disturbed-Sound of Silence. 

If I could change just one thing in this world I would change the social injustices that the world, especially America at this current time face. Such as discrimination, racism and inequality.  I would just wish that everyone was treated equally, everyone would be happy and everyone would get along.  It would make for a more peaceful and joyous place to live.

Overall my proudest accomplishment to date is wining my pro-card and becoming an IFBB Pro.  Yet along the way I am very proud of what I have built for myself.  Growing up I was always undersized and skinny so being able to remain healthy and make noticeable progress year-to-year has been very rewarding, personally. 

My top 3 training tips include: Start out using proper form from the very beginning.  If you start out by doing things the right way and performing exercises and lifts correctly, you will set yourself for better results and progress in the future.  Also, your longevity in training will be much longer as you will prevent yourself from injury.  I practiced this from a young age and am very fortunate to never suffer any sort of injury or joint discomfort.  Secondly, do not worry about the weight you are lifting.  You see it all the time at local gyms, guys lifting way more weight than they can handle, often using improper form.  These types of people never make significant progress and they are just trying to “ego-lift” and move weight around to impress people.  Stick to weight that you can control and perform properly; again, this will help you down the road as well.  Lastly, simply work your ass off. When it comes time to train you need to focus and push your limits.  You don’t need to be in the gym for hours upon end but dedicate yourself to that one hour and go hard, put the phone away, block out distractions and get better.