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Andrew Hause

My name is Andrew Hause, I am 20 years old and I am very passionate about powerlifting. I have very big plans for my future in the sport so be on the lookout for me these next few years and more.

I have always wanted to be strong since a very young age, where I would sneak off into the bathroom at school to do pushups and pullups to get a pump. When I started playing contact sports in Highschool I wanted to be stronger than everyone on the field, so i started looking at different training techniques to do so and powerlifting came across as most fitting. I started watching videos on YouTube of people like Eric Lilliebridge, George Leeman, and Pete Rubish competing and training and I was very inspired. Pretty soon I quit football and rugby in order to solely focus on competing in powerlifting because I had grown to love it far more than those team sports.

My fondest memory so far was when I squatted 700lbs raw with some pretty terrible knee wraps at 18 years old and only weighing 230lbs in competition at my first full power meet. I ended up totaling 1,735lbs with a 700 squat, 385 bench, and 650 deadlift. It was at that moment when I had broken the 700lb barrier that I knew I had something special to work with and I don’t ever want to take advantage of that.
I’m thankful to have so much motivation to continue to do what I do, because it’s not the easiest to  keep so consistent with training hard and eating till you feel sick every day. I enjoy inspiring people by putting my content on social media for them to watch. I want people to watch my videos and be inspired when they see what I do because it might help them to do better at whatever they like doing best. Music also is a big inspiration to me and keeps me motivated. I am also a very competitive person and when I see people do things I set goals to do more.
Being offered to be an Elite Prime Nutrition Athlete was very attractive to me because they offer very high quality supplements that have great reviews, sponsor other incredible athletes, and have a huge following on social media.
I am very thankful to be sponsored by such a great company, and I plan to try and help them get even more exposure for their high-quality supplements by advertising them through what I do or how I look on social media.
My favorite Prime Nutrition Product is Intra-Elite, because it fuels my workout with incredible energy that I could never get without it, pushing me to keep going and stay motivated throughout my training sessions.
My favorite “cheat” meals are tombstone pizzas that I cook in the oven and usually eat one every night before sleeping.
I have so many great songs to choose from that I know of, but three songs that come to mind are Master of Shadows by Two Steps From Hell, As Loke Falls by AMON AMARTH, and Ready for Salvation by Kalmah.
If I could change one thing in this world, I would time travel back to being 14 years old and  solely focus on powerlifting because then maybe I would be a lot stronger than I am now.
My best accomplishment so far is my 2050lb raw with wrap total as a teenager weighing only 242lbs. Only a select few teens have managed to total over 200lbs, and no one has done it at such a light bodyweight.
1. Every time you step in the gym to train you have to do something better than you’ve already done, whether thats a certain amount of weight for a certain amount of reps, sets, more exercises, or whatever, I always strive to do more.
2. Stay consistent. Consistency is what wins, if you continue to get every meal in and train hard correctly and consistently, you will get stronger period. If you aren’t getting stronger than something you’re doing is wrong.
3. Peak from light to heavy weight over time. In order to maximise your potential strength gains, you can’t come in every day and work with over 95% of your 1rm. You’ll be much stronger if you start out with much lighter weight and add weight over a series of several weeks or months to get to where you need to be.